• Martin: Arthur, “M”.
  • Arthur: What? Oh! Mountain, Moccasin, Magma.
  • Carolyn: What's this now?
  • Douglas: Arthur's trying to learn the phonetic alphabet. He favors the spot-check method of revision and none of the above Arthur, no.
  • Arthur: Err, Molecule, Mongoose, Mosquito
  • Martin: Shorter.
  • Arthur: Mosque!
  • Carolyn: It's a name.
  • Arthur: Macnamara, Mitchison, Moon.
  • Douglas: A first name.
  • Arthur: Martin, Maggie, Milly, Molly, Mandy, Matthew, Michael.
  • Carolyn: Nearly, shorter.
  • Arthur: Micky, Mick, Mi, Mo!


If you have any bombs…they’re not allowed on the aeroplane. Please put them…in the bin.


Hi … guys. I am most glad to have you all with me on the plane for this short trip from … here to the U.K. My name is … Doug… Smith,

  • Carolyn: Where is Martin?
  • Douglas: His hat blew off.
  • Carolyn: Blew off? How did it blow off? It’s bigger than he is.

The man in the loo refuses to come out, so give Douglas your hat.

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  • Arthur: Chaps? Have we landed?
  • Douglas: Yes, Arthur. Well spotted.
  • Carolyn: Arthur. Say something.
  • Arthur: Ooh! Okay! What shall I say?
  • Carolyn: Well, anything, just so I know where you are and I don’t tread on you getting back to my seat.
  • Arthur: Oh, right! ♪ Here I am, don’t tread on me. Here I am, don’t tread on me. Here I am, don’t tread on me. Here I am, don’t tread on me... ♪
  • Yves Jutteau: Anything else?
  • Martin: Yes, actually. Fire truck.
  • Yves Jutteau: Yes?
  • Martin: Well, what do you mean, "fire truck"?
  • Yves Jutteau: I can find no words that describe a fire truck better than "fire truck".
  • Carolyn: Good morning, gentlemen! How are we today? Satiated with the delights of New York, all ready to go home?
  • Douglas: Yes
  • Martin: Mmm, absolutely.
  • Carolyn: Then home we shall go. Almost straight away...
  • Breeda: You’re paying an extra forty, or you’re staying here ’til you can get another cab.
  • Martin: Forty Euros will be fine. Thank you.
  • Carolyn: Oh, will it indeed? Well, I’m going to stop it out of your wages.
  • Martin: That’ll be a good trick if you can do it.